About David Wakefield:

David lives in Sacramento California, USA and owns Cheers Over California, Inc., a brand advertising and public relations company which utilizes hot air balloons and airships in its client marketing programs.

David WakefieldDavid has been flying hot air Balloons since 1999. Always interested in flight, ballooning was the first real opportunity he had to get involved. He took his first balloon ride on May 19 1999, was immediately hooked and bought his first balloon in August the same year. David received his Private Pilot certificate in July of 2000 and his Commercial Pilot certificate one year later in July of 2001.

David was fascinated with the concept of corporate ballooning, using hot air balloons to market a company and its products. Setting this as his ultimate goal, David worked as a crew member on corporate programs including Lipton Sun Spree, United Van Lines, Budweiser, Bacardi Mixers and Energizer, participating in events in California, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona.

David met his wife Shelly when a member of the team brought her out for a fun day of ballooning. David and Shelly were married in the basket of the balloon in 2002, flying off with the entire wedding party as their chase team. Together David and Shelly bought their new "Cheers" balloon and founded Cheers Over California Hot Air Balloons, offering balloon rides and special events in the Sacramento area.

David has worked as the primary pilot and program manager for the RE/MAX Northern California Balloon Program since 2005. With their Cheers balloon and the RE/MAX balloon, David has flown as pilot in command at events in California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado

David and Shelly incorporated Cheers Over California in 2009 and took up corporate ballooning as a full time marketing and public relations venture. David is currently the Owner, President and Chief Pilot for Cheers Over California, Inc. and continues as the Manager and Chief Pilot of the RE/MAX Northern California Balloon Program.

Airships: In late September 2014, David and Shelly made a big decision to get into thermal airship operations, something David had dreamed of for years. On that "spur of the moment" decision, David left for Aachen Germany to the Gefa-Flug factory, toured the facility and met with the airship team. He purchased a new airship and made arrangements to have it shipped to California. "Amelia Airship" has now joined the fleet and is scheduling clients for corporate advertising.

David Wakefield inspecting the inside of his GEFA-FLUG Airship
David Wakefield inspecting the inside of his GEFA-FLUG Airship